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Top 10 Shopify Benefits You Should Know

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Shopify serves as an e-commerce platform enabling entrepreneurs globally to showcase and sell their products online.Presently, more than a million stores utilize Shopify for their operations.

Let’s explore the distinctive features of Shopify that entice new businesses and set this platform apart from its competitors.

1. Easy To Setup And Use

Shopify is an effortless platform that is easy to set up and navigate. It serves as the perfect choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution without the need for technical expertise in hosting and developing an online store.

The platform offers the necessary software and hosting for launching a website, while its admin interface is innovative and user-friendly. Additionally, the user interface is also compelling.


Easy To Setup And Use

Easy To Setup And Use


2. Security and Dependability

Shopify takes care of all the technical elements behind the scenes, so you don’t need to worry about security, hosting, up time, and performance. With their global CDN and dedicated servers, your store will load fast even during periods of high traffic.

Additionally, regular updates and security patching ensure that your store remains safeguarded against the most recent threats.

3.Low Fees

Shopify offers a pricing policy that is designed to be competitive in the market. Their e-commerce plans start at $29 per month and encompass various features such as hosting, fraud analysis, and customer support.

Additionally, there are credit card processing fees associated with each sale, with the highest fee being 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction, which is typically paid to any payment processing company.

4. Mobile Friendly

It is imperative for websites to be mobile-friendly nowadays as the majority of individuals utilize mobile phones for online browsing. Ensuring that a website is responsive to mobile devices is crucial in order to boost organic website traffic and appeal to mobile users.

Shopify, a website development company, provides seamless design and theme support that adapts to any device. The highly responsive Shopify themes facilitate the creation of mobile-friendly websites, allowing businesses to reach customers on various devices and platforms.

5. App Integrations

Shopify is renowned for its extensive app marketplace and seamless integration capabilities with various platforms. With over 1500 apps curated and tested by Shopify, you can rely on them to streamline the management of your online stores.

These apps and integrations cater to a wide range of functions such as customer service, marketing, inventory management, wholesale operations, and B2B transactions.

Additionally, Shopify Plus users enjoy a higher API call limit, allowing for the simultaneous operation of multiple integrations without concerns about surpassing API restrictions. 

In the case that you cannot find a suitable app or integration for your ERP or CRM system, you have the option to engage your own developers through Shopify Plus’s REST API.

6. Reliable Payment Gateway Options

Shopify Pay is an attractive feature for brands that have recurring corporate customers, as it simplifies the shopping and checkout process. By allowing customers to save their credit card, delivery, and billing details, future checkouts become even more convenient.

This feature significantly reduces the friction associated with checkout by minimizing the number of required fields from approximately sixteen to just two. Its main objective is to enhance conversions and streamline the mobile shopping experience, which is a prudent move.

Additionally, Shopify offers various payment options to minimize conflicts and increase conversions. You can also provide customers with a wide range of alternative payment methods to facilitate their checkout process. Such as : 

  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Amazon Payments
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Shopify Plus includes an integrated payment gateway that does not charge transaction fees or additional fees on the administrative end. Additionally, there are around 70 other payment gateways to choose from.

7. SEO Friendly

It is crucial to note that all Shopify themes and templates are optimized for SEO, which aids in boosting website organic traffic. Websites can rank higher on Google if their design and template adhere to Google’s standards.

As a result, SEO-friendly templates are essential in determining the visibility of your website on Google SERPs. A higher ranking is necessary to attract potential customers and generate leads.

8. Great Customer Support

In the case you need help, the Shopify eCommerce platform gives you access to a variety of resources. Firstly, all Shopify users can contact a dedicated customer service team 24/7 at no extra cost. These helpful experts are often available via live chat or email to assist with any issues.

9. Effective Marketing Tools

Shopify provides a wide range of marketing tools for entrepreneurs. These tools are designed to enhance your marketing strategy and execution effortlessly. Some of the features include targeted email marketing, gift cards, discount coupons, store statistics, and many more!

10. Fully Customizable Code

Shopify offers hundreds of free and paid gorgeous templates that can be customized. However, if you want to create an entirely unique design, the system allows you to customize your website code.

We have created many beautiful Shopify-based stores that look beautiful and distinctive – see for yourself.

Final Thought

Shopify, a purpose-built e-commerce solution, includes all the necessary tools for starting an online store. Its platform and wide ecosystem enable aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their passion projects and brand visions globally.

Thanks to its adaptable and expandable platform, even major enterprise brands have made the switch to Shopify and achieved great success.