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Why Voice Commerce Is the Future of eCommerce?

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Voice Commerce


In this blog post, we will delve into the current state of voice commerce and explore its potential as the future of eCommerce.

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice commerce refers to the seamless integration of voice-activated assistants and online shopping, enabling users to engage and make purchases from retailers without the need for a screen or keyboard.

Let us explore the exciting world of voice commerce and its implications for the future of online retail.

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Benefits of Voice Commerce for eCommerce

Checkout the top benefits of Voice Commerce for your eCommerce business:

Purchase Convenience: 

The convenience of purchasing goods or services has greatly improved for customers, as they no longer have to go through a lengthy checkout process on your website. According to Jupiter Research, it is projected that there will be approximately 13.5 billion active smart home devices by 2025.

Although voice commerce on smart speakers is expected to be popular, it won’t be long before customers are provided with even greater convenience.

Smartwatches, car dashboards, and various other interfaces will frequently be utilized for making purchases. With advancements in technology, the shopping process will continue to become even simpler.

Review Convenience:

According to a survey, a significant 64% of surveyed consumers emphasized the importance of ratings and reviews in their purchasing decisions. Nevertheless, obtaining reviews from your customers can be a daunting task.

Voice-based commerce simplifies this process by allowing you to request reviews from your clients, who only need to utter a few words to register their feedback.

This convenience enables customers to effortlessly compose more detailed reviews. Consequently, you will have a greater number of testimonials to utilize as social proof and valuable input to enhance your products and services in the future.

Opportunities for Growth:

Given that voice commerce is still in its early stages, there exists an opportunity for new businesses to enter this sector, which is currently dominated by companies like Amazon.

In order to engage in voice commerce, one must develop a “skill” for Amazon devices or an “action” for Google devices.

A prime example of this is Starbucks’ collaboration with Alibaba and their smart speaker Tmall Genie. Through this partnership, customers were able to conveniently purchase coffee for delivery using a smart speaker, while also receiving personalized product recommendations.

To enhance the overall coffee shop experience, Starbucks made their in-store playlist accessible on Tmall Genie. This demonstrates that voice commerce technologies can be utilized to immerse customers in a brand experience, even if it is currently limited to customers in China.

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Advantages of the Future of Voice Commerce In eCommerce in 2024

Advantages of the Future of Voice Commerce In eCommerce in 2024

Voice commerce enables customers to browse, explore, and purchase items by giving voice commands. This feature transforms the shopping experience into a voice-activated, convenient, and user-friendly process.

Such functionalities enhance the overall ease and efficiency of shopping, particularly for individuals facing mobility challenges or juggling multiple tasks.

Process transactions :

By implementing a voice-activated checkout system, transactions can be completed more efficiently compared to traditional methods. This is achieved through verbal commands, eliminating the need to manually input payment and shipping details.

Consequently, this reduces checkout time, decreases friction, lowers cart abandonment rates, and ultimately enhances conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Tailored Suggestions :

The utilization of NLP and ML services by the stage enables the analysis of voice utterance meaning and the provision of virtual products and services that are relevant to the immediate consumer feedback and past purchase history.

This enhances the importance of product recommendations and, in addition, enhances the potential for increased sales through upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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User Convenience Through :

By enhancing the voice commerce technology, individuals with visual impairments or advanced age will have the ability to access content that is typically difficult to navigate in an e-commerce store.

For large corporations, incorporating hands-free interfaces provides an opportunity for individuals with motor disabilities and learning difficulties to engage in shopping, especially for those who struggle with prolonged keyboard usage.

Integration with Smart Home Devices :

Smart home devices, such as intelligent speakers, advanced televisions, and interconnected appliances, have the capability to act as gateways for voice-based commerce.

These sophisticated devices can establish a distinctive atmosphere of integration and connectivity during the shopping process. By utilizing voice commands, consumers will have the ability to add items to their shopping cart, reorder products, and keep track of their deliveries.

The development of eCommerce websites will greatly enhance the lives of individuals, as they will experience heightened convenience and efficiency in their daily routines.

Consequently, voice commerce in eCommerce is expected to become a driving force behind significant transformations in the way users engage with online stores by the year 2024.

This innovative approach simplifies the user experience, expedites purchasing procedures, provides personalized recommendations, possesses immense accessibility potential, and seamlessly integrates with interconnected devices.

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Tips to Optimize Voice Search for eCommerce

Here are the best tips for optimizing voice search for eCommerce to assist you achieve your vision of seeing your business expand and perform successfully.

Aim for Google 0 Position :

You probably already engage in SEO optimization for both online marketing and traditional searches. As a result, you are familiar with the competition for Google Position 0. This is when Google selects informational snippets to display in a box at the top of search results, driving more traffic to your site and, ultimately, boosting the chances of converting that traffic into paying customers.

Use Natural Language :

At this stage, you should have a clear understanding of the potential differences between conducting a voice search and a typed search. It is crucial for any voice search strategy to consider these variations.

However, it is not solely about the shift from voice to type; it is also important to recognize that customers may express the same query using different words.

When operating in a market as vast as the United States, it is essential to acknowledge that certain products may have different names depending on the location.

For instance, if you were selling shoes online, some countries may refer to a specific shoe design as a “sneaker,” while other regions might call them “tennis shoes.”

If you aim to reach customers nationwide, it is necessary to incorporate both phrases in order to effectively target your audience.

Optimize your Page Speed :

Page speed is a critical factor to consider whether users are conducting traditional or voice searches. Users expect quick and easy access to information, so if your website and pages load slowly, they may choose to visit another site.

Additionally, slow-loading pages can hinder search engines from efficiently gathering the necessary information to rank your site higher.

It is becoming increasingly important to optimize your landing pages for both manual and voice searches.

If you do not have an IT team capable of handling this task, you have two alternatives: utilize Google to identify and resolve any issues, or entrust the entire project to a professional company.

The Future of Voice Commerce : 

Despite the uncertainties, voice commerce is experiencing a high level of customer satisfaction, according to Shopify. A staggering 80% of individuals who have utilized voice assistants to make purchases expressed their contentment with the process.

Considering these statistics and the rapid progress in artificial intelligence in 2023, it is evident that voice commerce is poised to become a more substantial component of the economy.

Retailers should prioritize voice commerce as it will increasingly contribute to their online sales and customer service strategies.

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